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2016, sorry I'm not sorry your over. We were obviously never going to be friends. And I mostly blame you for that. But hey, at least you got a farewell party.

2017, I'm not expecting miracles. But it would be awesome if this year went considerably better than last. Also, a lot of shows are ending. Make their endings awesome please. (And thank you.)
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Anyone out there interested in a fic-a-thon?

I've been thinking about wanting one, and wanting to play, and wanting to be destroyed by other people's I was wondering if I was alone?

And if I'm not alone if anyone knows how to make a pretty graphic to promote it? Because I know my f-list doesn't just destroy me with their prompts but with the pretty things they make too.
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Okay, so I'm going to try to NaNoWrimo this year. Probably not the right way, but with one basic story in mind and others...that will get added to cause its 50k.

So please feel free to yell at me sometimes "WHY AREN'T YOU WRITING?" or something along the lines. I give full permission for you to swear at me. ;D

You can also sometimes leave prompts in fandoms we share, for days when its not working and I can write you a little something. and i'll count it because i do nano wrong.
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is anyone else confused over how its september?

like, i'm usually super excited for September. it's my bday month and the beginning of fall and other things. but this year I feel very blah about it. I think my brain might still be in june or something so that's why everything's all confused and WTF HOW IS IT SEPTEMBER?

because really, how is it september?
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I woke up super early and it lead to a migrane, so you know, my new year didn't start off the best, but I'm hoping everyone else's did. (To be honest I'm still adjusting to the fact that its 2015. I feel old and I probably shouldn't.) But I plan on watching When Harry Met Sally later, its my new years movie.


I found THIS. A new year's comment ficathon.

So basically everyone should go prompt things, because I don't know most of the fandoms and I could write you things. :D

(Also, hello f-list, I know its been a while.)
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A post full of randomness basically.

+Somebody should totally make me a Steroline video to Leighton Meester’s new song Heartstrings. Partly because I’m newly obsessed with it and partly because its perfect for the beginning of S5 and where their relationship is right now.

spoilers for these two in S6 )

+I have a lot of Arrow feelings. Mostly Thea and Felicity related (especially after the last episode). But I don't know how to voice them. Someone come talk to me.

+I'm rewatching S5 of Buffy at the moment. And I spent like half of last night bawling. Its probably my favorite season (though I'm glad the show doesn't end that season for many reasons), but yeah, it makes me cry. Dawn and Buffy and Joyce. I CRY.

+And a meme, because I love memes and sometimes they encourage my muse. sometimes they don't.

Give me a character and I will tell you:

How I feel about this character:
All the people I ship romantically with this character:
My non-romantic OTP for this character:
My unpopular opinion about this character:
One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon:
My het ship:
My fem/slash ship:
My OT3:
My cross over ship:
A headcanon fact:
My gender bend:

(Fandoms mostly in my profile page. Otherwise you can just shout out characters until we get one that we both know. :D)
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LJ tried to switch me to the new format without my permission and it took me forever to figure to undo it.


I didn't need this today LJ, I didn't need this...
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I signed up for another big bang ([ profile] journeystory. )

This is what happens when I don't feel well.

I sign up for things.

But I'm exicited.

(I have other big bangs I'm signed up for so I probably shouldn't have done it)


I shouldn't be allowed on the internet when I don't feel well.
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How is it almost September?

I mean seriously, when did that happen and where was I? I'm like back in June or something and now your telling me Sept. 1st is next monday. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?

Also, I have a fic exchange due on the first, this is not helping/might be making me run around in circles trying to figure it all out. I have plenty written. It's just not, you know, a story yet. Also, some of it might just be repeating itself.

How is it almost September?

*goes back to being confused about months and running around in circles*
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I've felt, well terribl, for days now. Like I've lost count how many, but its not been fun. I thought yesterday might have been me starting to feel better, but then today came and I swear my body laughed at me, like 'psych, got ya'. And I don't care what the weather station said, my allergies are acting up like crazy. And I'm inside my house. (Yes, two windows are open but still. We only did that because they said it would be okay...)

Sorry about the ranting. Anyways, I've been trying to get writing done and failing. I have random ideas in my head, but none of them make it to paper/computer. (idk, I write on the computer mostly, so I don't know if it counts as paper.)  Anyways, as a distraction/possible reboot of my muse/system to get me writing more, IT'S MEME TIME. (Come on like you weren't expecting it. This is what happens when I don't feel well. Well that and I sign up for things but so far I haven't.)


Pick a TV show that you know or think I’m familiar with, and I will tell you my...

* favorite male character:
* favorite female character:
* prettiest character:
* funniest character:
* favorite season:
* favorite episode:
* favorite romantic ship:
* favorite family ship:
* favorite friend ship:

and (because I'm greedy)

Send me a character and I'll tell you:

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+ I'm still trying to get caught up on comments. Obviously, I fail at this. But you know...I'm honest about it?

+My NPT story came out and the authors have been revealed so I feel safe reccing it: Leave A Lighthouse in the Wild (Cause I'm Coming In) by geckoholic. Its a Haven fic focusing on Audrey and her past lives before she arrives in Haven. Its ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL AND EVERYONE SHOULD GO READ IT. Even if you haven't seen Haven, it might make you want to watch it like everyone should.

+Also you should go read [ profile] fluffyfrolicker
's Jeff/Annie Noir fic, because it's fabulous. And should be read by all.

+I'm still trying to figure out what I want to prompt for the low key summer exhange. Basically I want all the fic. And all the character studies. But I need to narrow it down/come up with fandoms that other people will want/be willing to write. I'm super excited for it. But also, I'm over thinking it. This is my way.

+Also, how come inspiration always strikes for the things you're not planning on working on and then you get distracted and all your plans go out the window. Muses are fickle things.

+Also, look Sunny. I made it into a tag. :D
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I am a procrastinator. I am a procrastinator who procastinates. I am doing it as I type this. That's how bad of a procrastinator that I am.

But my head hurts and I feel awful and if naps ever actually made me feel better I would take one of those.

But I should really probably stop procrastinating.

I just need to, you know, stop.
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I've had a miserable week. I mean nothing really bad happened. I just spent it feeling miserable, migranes and everything else seeming to flair up all at once. And not able to do anything I want, because well, miserable.

So I thought I'd try doing this again (with different options I mostly found on tumblr) because last time it was lots of fun and I got to write for fandoms/characters/crossovers I had never written before. (Or some it had just been a while.) So PLEASE come play with me. I'll love you forever.

Pick a trope/AU from this list and provide a fandom/pairing and I’ll tell you something about the story I’d write for that combination (i.e. I’ll write you fic or mini fic or a drabble probably. Most likely fic if the last time was anything to go by.)

• Noir AU
• Police Procedural AU
• Reluctant teammates that save the world together AU
• Platonic living together AU
• Lawyers AU
• Stuck-in-an-airport-because-the-flights-were-SO-VERY-delayed-and-it’s-like-two-am AU
• Sent to live with cousins AU
• Fairytale AU
• Pretending to be siblings because of reasons AU
• Forget high school students AU I want a high school teachers AU
• Supernatural hunters AU
• Law school AU
• Royalty AU
• Forced to share a table at the coffee shop a couple days in a row because crowded coffee shop and no room AU
• Thieves AU
• Spies AU
• Doctors AU
• Medical School AU
• Ride the same bus together literally every day AU
• College professors AU
• On a train together and the train is stopped in the middle of nowhere for some reason AU
• Musician AU
• Time travel AU
• Medieval AU
• Character Swap AU (Characters swap places in the narrative)
• On the Run AU

(Fandoms, pairings, characters, can mostly be found on my profile. But also, feel free to shout things out and if I know it, I'll attempt to write it.)
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+ I'm SOOOOO tired and literally everything hurts. I love my sister but I'm pretty sure Bridal Showers aren't supposed to do this to people.

+Also, I posted a meme Friday everyone should go do it here. GIVE ME ALL THE FANDOMS!!!!

+Lastly, [ profile] fluffyfrolicker is hosting an awesome ficathon for women. Go prompt all the things. GO. RIGHT NOW.

A multi fandom women comment ficathon (#3)
(click on the picture)
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+ Dentist Update:

I went. I survived. YAY!!!!!!

No seriously, I didn't freak out/squeeze anyone's fingers until they lost feelings or try to run away at any time. I'm incredibly proud of myself. It wasn't a fun experience by any means but I did it. Honestly I think the worst part was after they gave me the anaceptic, because it made my heart race and the dentist basically described it to me as speeding everything up, but he didn't explain that until after I started having all of these feelings (apparently most people don't even notice the change in their bodies, to which I say, HOW?) and so I freaked out a little thinking I was having an allergic reaction/panic attack or both.

They should really tell you about that in advance.

My jaw still hurts and I'm nervous about eatting on that side of my mouth, but its over with. SO YAY! Thank you for all the good thoughts and wishes and love. And I love you all, you will be getting lots of comments today. And long distance hugs.

+Also, again, I'm going to try to catch up on comments and my f-list in general. So if I bombard your inboxes, sorry. Well, kind of sorry, lol. ;D

+Also, I feel terrible today. SO MEME TIME!!!!! (Not feeling well = memes in my life)

Give me a fandom and I will tell you:

• The first character I fell in love with:
• The character who is my ‘baby’:
• The character who I do not understand:
• The character that I think the show ruined:
• The most attractive male and female character:
• The character death that was the worst for me:
• The character that is the most like me:
• The character I think the writer(s) love:
• The character that I just want to be happy:
• My four favorite characters, past or present:
• My four least favorite characters, past or present:

(Most of my fandoms are on my profile, but feel free to shout out whatever you want. If I know it, I'll see what I can do. Also feel free to shout out more than one fandom, I don't mind/encourage it.)
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Dentist update:

I went and did not end up running from the room. (Though I warned them ahead of time, just in case, all "It's not you, it's me. Only you know, its really me.") The dentist was surprisingly nice (I say this because I've had bad experinece and well, dentists scare me) and the nurses were nice.

Unfortunately, he was worried about my anxiety, so he didn't want to fill/fix the tooth that day, so I have to go back tomorrow. (He did however sand it down and it no longer feels like jagged glass cutting into my tongue, so YAY! Though I kind of wish there was more of an instantionous everything's instantly better miracle. But you know, take what you can get, be happy. And I am. I can actually swallow things now without it feeling like I'm trying to kill my tongue.

Thank you to Sunny and [ profile] fluffyfrolicker for the well wishes, I will have responses for you. I've spent most of the day drained and with a major migrane. But I love you and offer you massive long distance hugs and appriciate them and all the good thoughts.

If anyone's up to it, I'll be back to the dentist early tomorrow morning, so well wishes about my anxiety would be appriciated again. Love you all, especially if you made it this far down in the post.
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I have too much free time today and too many thoughts in my brain about too many shows. So you all get word vomit on recently aired shows I watch. Spoilers for pretty much everything up to date, though a couple I’m an episode behind, but warnings now.

Please, please tell me what you all are thinking about these shows too. I love to hear other people’s thoughts.


Read more... )


Read more... )


Read more... )

+Person of Interest

Read more... )

+Pretty Little Liars

Read more... )


Read more... )

+The Good Wife

Read more... )

+The Originals

Read more... )

+The Vampire Diaries

Read more... )
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Because its been a while since I've done a meme. And my LJ needs more posts. Also, I don't feel good and somehow that leads to me doing memes or signing up for things. And I haven't seen anything to sign up for. ;D

Send me an ship and I will tell you

•who wakes the other one up with kisses
•who cooks for who
•who is the morning person/night person
•who is the romantic one
•sex dynamics
•who would lead in ballroom dancing
•who is the more cuddly one
•who is the one to most likely pick the movie they watch
•who is the one who would pay for dates

(Ships/fandoms are mostly on my profile, but feel free to just shout out as many as you want and I'll do the ones I know.)
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So this is my attempt to be more active this year with my LJ and post more. Because I kind of fail at that. So yay a bunch of random things!

+ I owe a bunch of people comments and I'm totally working on it, I promise, but I'm slow, prone to migraines, and have limited computer time lately. (Which makes me sad.) I'm also way behind on my F-list. If anyone posted anything awesome, let me know. ;D

+ I've been trying to write, but mostly I have a lot of unfinished things on my hard drive for a few different fandoms. But I have a mostly finished (I think) Chloe-centric fic that I might post soon, which will make me happy and be my first story posted of the year. But if anyone has any tricks about getting over writers block, please tell me them. I'll love you forever.

+ I usually don't rec things (though I should do that more), but I found this amazing AMAZING Chloe character study video set to "Human" by Christina Perri and everyone should go watch it and leave some love.

Its so beautifully done and the song fits Chloe perfectly and it has this wonderful segment on her and her relationship with her mother, something that's often ignored  but shouldn't be. And its just amazing. And if anyone ever wondered why I love this character so much, I feel like this video would explain it.

+ Apparently the HP fandom exploded recently. I was totally confused about what was going on for like a day, just knew that JKR had apparently made some comments. I do now know what the drama was all about. (I don't really have any big feelings about it all. Canon is canon, she's not going to rewrite the books. And I've shipped both over the years. So you know.) Despite the drama of it, it was kind of a nice reminder that the HP fandom is still going strong after so many years. HP was the first fandom I actively participated in (SV is the one I consider my first fandom, staying up late and reading fanfic I was probably too young for), the first one I posted a story in, where I got my first flame (and learned what a flame was), and learned what a beta was and got my first one. So really it introduced me to a lot of things. So its nice to see its still going so strong.

Also, I saw someone refer to this as JKRGate and it made me giggle. A lot.

+ I finally caught up with the last few episodes of Haven. A lot of awesome stuff and one sad thing. And now I'm wishing the new season would be here already and they haven't even started filming it yet. They got to get on that.

+ this is where I ramble about arrow a little bit. but mostly about thea. and walter. )

+ tvd talk, so more spoilers up to date )

+Also my sister bought me a SPN t-shirt and I'm wearing it and now panicking about what to buy her for her birthday that's coming up. She's way better at gift giving than I am.