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you see there's no real ending // ats, fred, plylea // written for the [ profile] multi_genfic bingo fill “allusion”, which I hope you get.

They laugh and it is a terrible laugh, a mad laugh she thinks and one day this will become ironic, even to her. )

there is an empty space next to you // haven, audrey-centric (mentions of others) // written for the [ profile] multi_genfic bingo fill “pathetic fallacy” which I hope I figured out correctly…

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I know that I’m damned (all the dead seem to know where I am)) // btvs, buffy-centric // written for the [ profile] multi_genfic bingo fill for “sensual description”. note I never said I was good at it.

She picks her clothes out carefully. Her hands running down different items, different textures under her hands. )

he paints // the originals, klaus, freeverse // written for the [ profile] multi_genfic bingo fill for “poetry”. Don’t judge it too hard. also, Klaus, how did I end up writing poetry about you?

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quiet like you (violent like you) // ats/poi, root, fred, and Illyria // written for the [ profile] multi_genfic bingo fill “spoken word”. It never actually says who’s saying what, but I hope I got the voices down so you can recognize them.

“And you’re blue. Do you really get to judge?” )

lost in the pages of self-made cages // audrey (haven, spoilers up to end of S3) // written for the [ profile] multi_genfic bingo fill “stream of consciousness”.

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got your makeup on // tvd, caroline+katherine (a few others), AU set in the 40s // for the [ profile] multi_genfic bingo fill “setting shift” (believe it or not [ profile] fluffyfrolicker this somehow came out of your prompt for domesticity for these two…I might have to try again.)

She was everything that Katherine made her when she found her, broken and bruised in a hospital room. )
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everything casts a shadow // tvd, caroline + katherine (set S5, spoilers if you haven't seen the season // for [ profile] multi_genfic;s bingo and the fill "scene shift" I'm not sure I understood this one properly but this was my interpretation.

This wasn’t how it was supposed to happen. )

dig up her bones but leave the soul alone // btvs post canon, dawn (others mentioned), post-S7/canon // for the [ profile] multi_genfic bingo fill for "focus on an object", in this case its the watcher's diaries

The Watcher’s diaries had been assigned to her as part of her studies. )

it had to be zombies // haven, audrey, duke, nathan // non-graphic violence, takes places post S5A // for the [ profile] multi_genfic bingo fill for "in media res"

The good thing about this all was that zombies really were slow and stupid in their strange little universe. )
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title: it’s a small crime and I’ve got no excuse
fandom: harry potter
characters/parings: hermione/harry (background hermione/ron and harry/ginny)
rating: r (warning for cheating and r-rated sexual situations.)
word count: 3065
summary: That’s all they are. Thoughts. A fantasy. Hermione has known how this story will end since sixth year (maybe before that). She had read the last chapter, the epilogue, and Harry and Hermione may be standing side by side but there is a red head on each of their arms. There’s no point in trying to change that. (Set post DH, but with a different ending.)
a/n: somehow I’m being sucked back into the hp fandom but its been so long, I apologize for lack of canon knowledge and anything that might be off. (my brain retains nothing anymore.) written for [ profile] youcallitwinter's wonderful prompt: he will meet you on the nape of your neck one day, on the surface of intention, word becoming act.

Sometimes she finds herself thinking about Harry. (His hands, his wild hair, his wide green eyes and the way he smiles at her when she’s said just the right thing.) )
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So this is my attempt to be more active this year with my LJ and post more. Because I kind of fail at that. So yay a bunch of random things!

+ I owe a bunch of people comments and I'm totally working on it, I promise, but I'm slow, prone to migraines, and have limited computer time lately. (Which makes me sad.) I'm also way behind on my F-list. If anyone posted anything awesome, let me know. ;D

+ I've been trying to write, but mostly I have a lot of unfinished things on my hard drive for a few different fandoms. But I have a mostly finished (I think) Chloe-centric fic that I might post soon, which will make me happy and be my first story posted of the year. But if anyone has any tricks about getting over writers block, please tell me them. I'll love you forever.

+ I usually don't rec things (though I should do that more), but I found this amazing AMAZING Chloe character study video set to "Human" by Christina Perri and everyone should go watch it and leave some love.

Its so beautifully done and the song fits Chloe perfectly and it has this wonderful segment on her and her relationship with her mother, something that's often ignored  but shouldn't be. And its just amazing. And if anyone ever wondered why I love this character so much, I feel like this video would explain it.

+ Apparently the HP fandom exploded recently. I was totally confused about what was going on for like a day, just knew that JKR had apparently made some comments. I do now know what the drama was all about. (I don't really have any big feelings about it all. Canon is canon, she's not going to rewrite the books. And I've shipped both over the years. So you know.) Despite the drama of it, it was kind of a nice reminder that the HP fandom is still going strong after so many years. HP was the first fandom I actively participated in (SV is the one I consider my first fandom, staying up late and reading fanfic I was probably too young for), the first one I posted a story in, where I got my first flame (and learned what a flame was), and learned what a beta was and got my first one. So really it introduced me to a lot of things. So its nice to see its still going so strong.

Also, I saw someone refer to this as JKRGate and it made me giggle. A lot.

+ I finally caught up with the last few episodes of Haven. A lot of awesome stuff and one sad thing. And now I'm wishing the new season would be here already and they haven't even started filming it yet. They got to get on that.

+ this is where I ramble about arrow a little bit. but mostly about thea. and walter. )

+ tvd talk, so more spoilers up to date )

+Also my sister bought me a SPN t-shirt and I'm wearing it and now panicking about what to buy her for her birthday that's coming up. She's way better at gift giving than I am.
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Title: You Left a Handprint on the Door
Fandom: Haven
Pairing: Duke/Audrey
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2579
Spoiler Warnings: AU for post S3, but I did pull some vague facts from season four, mostly names, but some other things as well.
Summary: Suddenly he’s the one falling, falling and falling, and he can’t tell if he’s diving after her or waiting for her to dive in after him.

He remembers his mission, remembers Audrey and the barn, he remembers a voice begging him to save her. But he doesn’t remember who it belongs to. Not anymore.  )
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Title: You Won't Find Me Perching Here Again
Fandom: Haven
Characters: Duke and Nathan, with Audrey’s presence running throughout.
Rating: PG
Genre: Friendship (in a distinct Nathan-Duke way), episode coda/missing scene.
Word Count: 1420
Summary: Set post 4x03 “Bad Blood”, Duke think Nathan’s going to get himself killed and he’s not sure he’s enough to stop it.
A/N: For my fairytale table prompt "068. Carrying part of the load." Or my interpretation of it. My first fill on that table, it makes me happy.

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