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quiet like you (violent like you) // ats/poi, root, fred, and Illyria // written for the [ profile] multi_genfic bingo fill “spoken word”. It never actually says who’s saying what, but I hope I got the voices down so you can recognize them.

“You know this is odd, even for me. And my life is…complicated at best.”

“You speak as though we should care. You are as arrogant as I would expect of your kind. You stink of humanity and yet your hatred for mankind smells ever stronger.”

“And you’re blue. Do you really get to judge?”

“Will the two of you please stop bitching? My own voice is giving me a headache and I think we would do better combining our brains to figure out why we’re all in this…room and why we’re…clones? I’m going with clones right now but if anyone has a better suggestion, I’ll take anything.”

“Clones…I have no knowledge of this thing you speak of.”

“All blue and no brains, huh?”

“Clones are replicas of one person’s DNA, of one person.”

“A form of magic, then?”

“No, it’s like magic in some ways, I have a board in my lab—”

“It’s science.”

“Science is the human word for magic, I have learned.”

“Magic is the idiot’s word for science is what I’ve learned.”

“What do you mean ‘human’? I mean I know you look—well there’s the blue and the eyes and the… leather? Never mind, my point is…you’re not human are you? Even though you look like…us.”

“You are correct, you are nothing but a shell I wear. I am a god.”

“I’ve talked to God, you aren’t her.”

“There are many gods, gods you have never heard of but one day will. When they crush your bones into dust, then you will see that this god of yours is nothing but lies.”

“Actually she’s made out of artful code. But fine, let’s say you’re a god, then get us all the hell out of here.”

“If we were brought here it must be for a purpose. We should soon discover what it is.”

“Wait—not to, you know, get away from the subject of leaving—but what do you mean I’m your shell?”

“You are Winifred Burkle, when I needed corporeal shape they chose yours for me to take over.”

“Take over?”

“You do not realize who you both are.”

“I thought we established that already. That apparently we’re just three mirrors magic made and nothing else.”

“It is more than that. Fred is the beginning of both of us.”

“I think my parents kind of had a hand.”

“Your memories would be shaped so.”


“You are my beginning and hers. You are my body and when I took it and reshaped it to my needs, your soul was discarded. Made into something new by the fires, into her. Reality shifted and she was born into the world, something new but similar enough.”

“You can’t—I’m not dead!”

“Not in the way you imagine. I have your memories and she has your soul.”

“And I’m what? In limbo? Waiting for the day one of you die so I can too?”

“I cannot die. If that is to pass, you will have to wait for her.”

“Well, I do have a dangerous job if that helps. But I’m also very good at it, I don’t ask many questions before I kill.”

“You are violent, I enjoy that in humans.”

“And you’re obnoxious, I’m thinking of ten different ways to kill you right now. I’m enjoying that too.”

“You’re both…monsters.”

“I’ve been called worse.”

“Monsters beg to be what I am.”

“I was never a monster.”

“Oh, honey, that’s the thing about humanity. We’re all monsters in the end. And according to old blue, you were our beginning. And the two of us, we’re your end.”

lost in the pages of self-made cages // audrey (haven, spoilers up to end of S3) // written for the [ profile] multi_genfic bingo fill “stream of consciousness”.

It happens as soon as she accepts the barn, as she accepts her role, accepts the changes that will come.

It happens when Audrey makes her peace.

She isn’t happy, she doesn’t want to leave, but she knows she has to.

Twenty-seven years, it won’t be so long. Not for her. And then she can see all the people she loves again. Even if she doesn’t remember them, even if there older and she’s still the same age she has always been. Even if she’s no longer blonde or blue eyed or pale or determined or anything else she ever thought she was.

Audrey will become someone new but everyone else, they will stay the same.

There is some comfort in that.

The whiteness of the caves hurt her eyes as she wanders down long empty hallways and suddenly things start to change.

Little things at first, memories she has grown to know don’t belong to her, from her childhood, they start to fade. She starts to forget what her best friend’s name was. What the girl she shared a room with in her first foster home’s hair color was.

Then, then she realizes the pressure is increasing, the whiteness around her growing, and she thinks, she thinks—

She should be able to remember them. Remember everything in here, before.

Audrey had always thought that was the deal.

But Duke and Nathan start to get mixed up in her head, dark hair and blue eyes and she doesn’t remember where she left her gun.

She remembers a piano, fingers flying across the keys, and she knows they belong to her.

Audrey does not remember learning to play.

She remembers a kiss.

And it’s important.

It’s an important moment that she thinks might have changed everything.

But then it is gone.

All of it is gone and it is just her and white walls and suddenly she can’t remember it ever being anything else.

Audrey thinks she likes the white.

That it’s soothing to the soul.

got your makeup on // tvd, caroline+katherine (a few others), AU set in the 40s // for the [ profile] multi_genfic bingo fill “setting shift” (believe it or not [ profile] fluffyfrolicker this somehow came out of your prompt for domesticity for these two…I might have to try again.)

Caroline crooned in the background as Katherine took her seat at the bar, watching the man, the mark, as he watched Caroline.

Katherine ordered herself a drink as she watched the man get more and more enamored. She’d almost be jealous if wasn’t part of the plan that she cooked up.

Caroline was beautiful on stage, red dress, red lips, and her hair in soft curls. So feminine and soft and something every man wanted to touch though they knew they couldn’t. (There were strict rules and the star didn’t mingle with the men who came to see the peeks of flesh that would appear from the slits of her dresses.) She was a fantasy on stage. Untouchable, yet perfect.

She was everything that Katherine made her when she found her, broken and bruised in a hospital room.

Before Katherine, Caroline had never had anyone to tell her she could be something more. To tell her she was something more.

“You know, I could introduce you if you’d like.”

It takes a minute, for the words to puncture his brain, for him to tear himself away from the stage and look at Katherine’s smirking face.

“I thought that might get your attention.”

“I thought she was impossible to meet. Management has her under tight confines.”

“Rebekah is horribly bad at sharing things,” Katherine sighs, “But then that’s what I’m here for.”

“And you are?”

“Your new best friend. Because me and Caroline, we’re like this.”

She interlocks her fingers.

“And I’d be more than happy to introduce her to the nice man I think could be her new everything. Caroline’s a romantic like that, you can hear when she sings.”

Caroline’s voice was still strong in the background, singing of unrequited love.

Katherine wanted to laugh in the smuck’s face.

“And you’d do that? Introduce us? Cause you’re just that good of a person?”

“Of course not,” Katherine snorts, “I’d do it for a price. See Caroline likes singing. You like Caroline. And I like money. In the end, it all works out for everyone.”

“And how do I know you’re not just playing me?”

“Because I have an honest face.”

Katherine waits with the idiot in the alley, him prattling on about Caroline, and Katherine smoking hoping it would make the waiting easier.

It doesn’t.

Caroline comes out of course. Smiles when she sees Katherine.

The man hands her the money, as discreetly as man like him can, as Caroline comes towards them.

She’s changed her clothes now, the red dress gone, but she looks just as perfect (Caroline never looks anything but perfect) in her white dress. The man doesn’t seem to mind the change at all.

“Katherine, I thought we were supposed to meet in my dressing room.” Caroline says coming up to them, “Oh. Who’s your friend?”

She glances down, suddenly appearing shy.

“He’s a fan of yours.” Katherine smiles, “He didn’t believe me when I said I knew you.”

“Why wouldn’t you believe her?”

The man stammers out some kind of an answer.

Caroline laughs. “I’m a singer, not the queen. And Katherine’s my best friend, she would never lie about something like that.”

“I never thought I’d get a chance to really meet you.”

“I told you, I’m just a per—”

“Caroline! What the hell are you doing?” A male voice demands coming towards them.

“You know the alley isn’t safe.” He says before turning to the man, “And you, I’ve seen you in here too many times. Hit the bricks or you’ll be kissing them.”

“But I—”

“Kol, he didn’t mean—”

“I said leave,” Kol says his voice frightening like him when he chose to be, “Before you wish you had.”

The man disappears into the night, tail between his legs, and Katherine laughs.

“You think he wet himself?”

Kol glares at her. “Just make sure she gets home alright, last thing I need is Rebekah breathing down my neck because you got her star singer hurt.”

“Don’t worry,” Katherine says, looping her arm with Caroline’s, “She’s in good hands with me.”

Kol snorts and the two women walk towards the opening of the alley.

“So?” Caroline asks when their far enough away, “How much money did you get out of him?”

“Oh, a pretty penny,” Katherine smiles at the other woman, “We’ll be drinking champagne for months.”

“We can do that at the club.” Caroline raises her eyebrow.

“Fine, then we can…buy as many new dresses as we want. Maybe even an extra few.”

“Shopping money,” Caroline smiles, “Now that I can get behind.”

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“Monsters beg to be what I am.” // “I was never a monster.” // “Oh, honey, that’s the thing about humanity. We’re all monsters in the end. And according to old blue, you were our beginning. And the two of us, we’re your end.”

She was everything that Katherine made her when she found her, broken and bruised in a hospital room.
Before Katherine, Caroline had never had anyone to tell her she could be something more. To tell her she was something more.


“Rebekah is horribly bad at sharing things,” Katherine sighs, “But then that’s what I’m here for.”



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