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2016, sorry I'm not sorry your over. We were obviously never going to be friends. And I mostly blame you for that. But hey, at least you got a farewell party.

2017, I'm not expecting miracles. But it would be awesome if this year went considerably better than last. Also, a lot of shows are ending. Make their endings awesome please. (And thank you.)
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Okay, so I'm going to try to NaNoWrimo this year. Probably not the right way, but with one basic story in mind and others...that will get added to cause its 50k.

So please feel free to yell at me sometimes "WHY AREN'T YOU WRITING?" or something along the lines. I give full permission for you to swear at me. ;D

You can also sometimes leave prompts in fandoms we share, for days when its not working and I can write you a little something. and i'll count it because i do nano wrong.
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is anyone else confused over how its september?

like, i'm usually super excited for September. it's my bday month and the beginning of fall and other things. but this year I feel very blah about it. I think my brain might still be in june or something so that's why everything's all confused and WTF HOW IS IT SEPTEMBER?

because really, how is it september?
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There's a thunderstorm happening, I have a headache, and I'm stressing over the deadline for my big bang.

SO MEME TIME. Stolen from my f-list.

Here are five of my favorite fandoms. Guess my favorite male character, favorite female character and favorite ship from each.

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LJ tried to switch me to the new format without my permission and it took me forever to figure to undo it.


I didn't need this today LJ, I didn't need this...
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How is it almost September?

I mean seriously, when did that happen and where was I? I'm like back in June or something and now your telling me Sept. 1st is next monday. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?

Also, I have a fic exchange due on the first, this is not helping/might be making me run around in circles trying to figure it all out. I have plenty written. It's just not, you know, a story yet. Also, some of it might just be repeating itself.

How is it almost September?

*goes back to being confused about months and running around in circles*
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So I think I've just decided to write August off in general. I know its almost over but it seems like it hated me for all the sick/migranes/badness. So I'm just waiting for September to get here. (My birthday's in September so you know, I'm hoping it'll treat me better.)

Also, meme time again. I saw it on my f-list before and stole it. But now I can't remember from who. And I also I think I forgot to go back and comment....

Leave me a comment with a number and I'll tell you my top 5 fictional women.

1 - Protagonists
2 - Villains
3 - Superheroes
4 - Magical Girls
5 - Queens/Empresses/Royalty
6 - Who are adorable dorks
7 - That I'd invite to a sleepover/dinner party
8 - That I'd want to go on an adventure with
9 - That I'd want to be friends with
10 - That I'd want to kiss
11 - That I will love till the end of time
12 - Who I think deserved better endings
13 - I wish had better development/writing
14 - I wish had better a love interest(s)
15 - I want to rescue from their horrible narratives
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I have too much free time today and too many thoughts in my brain about too many shows. So you all get word vomit on recently aired shows I watch. Spoilers for pretty much everything up to date, though a couple I’m an episode behind, but warnings now.

Please, please tell me what you all are thinking about these shows too. I love to hear other people’s thoughts.


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+Person of Interest

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+Pretty Little Liars

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+The Good Wife

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+The Originals

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+The Vampire Diaries

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So my paid account expired and I have no money to refund it and the amount of sad that makes me, is well, probably really sad in itself. But I'm going to miss all my beautiful icons and I keep forgetting about the ads and accidently clicking on them.

I might be in the need of ice cream later.

Life has kind of sucked recently, for lots of different reasons, but I owe lots of people comments and you'll get them. And I'm way behind on my f-list perusing, so at some point you might start getting random comments on random things. Just know that I love you my beautiful f-list and I'll get caught up eventually.

Also, I'm considering changing my default icon. Which is big for me, since I've had this one for like ever. Really its been years.

And I've been writing more lately, which makes me happy because I've been in a slump. But I have like 6k written for a story I started way back and it makes me all kinds of happy.

Also also, I'm not even entirely sure their was an actual point to this post. So if you've read it all, go you!
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I finished the last season of the West Wing. Now I don't know what to do with myself. (Well other then search for icons and spend too much time on tumblr rebloging things.)

I'm at that weird point after you've finished something awesome, that your sad it's over so soon. Even though you were the one hurrying to get there.