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2016, sorry I'm not sorry your over. We were obviously never going to be friends. And I mostly blame you for that. But hey, at least you got a farewell party.

2017, I'm not expecting miracles. But it would be awesome if this year went considerably better than last. Also, a lot of shows are ending. Make their endings awesome please. (And thank you.)
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RULES: shamelessly stolen from [ profile] fluffyfrolicker and slightly changed. mostly not. love and squishes [ profile] fluffyfrolicker

1. all fandoms/ships/characters etc are fair game, whether their from tv shows, movies, or books. AUs, fusions, crossovers, are also welcome. Even some combination of all three.
2. make a separate comment for each prompt. and don't be shy, prompt. prompt all the prompts. you do not have to plan to write something to prompt. though obviously its encouraged. :D
3. when you fill a prompt, please leave a comment below (link, title, warnings, prompt).
4. feedback is much appreciated always, but you knew that already.
5. have fun!

(Also if anyone want to make know that's cool.)
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Okay, so I'm going to try to NaNoWrimo this year. Probably not the right way, but with one basic story in mind and others...that will get added to cause its 50k.

So please feel free to yell at me sometimes "WHY AREN'T YOU WRITING?" or something along the lines. I give full permission for you to swear at me. ;D

You can also sometimes leave prompts in fandoms we share, for days when its not working and I can write you a little something. and i'll count it because i do nano wrong.


Jul. 22nd, 2015 08:11 pm
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[ profile] multi_genfic [ profile] multi_genfic [ profile] multi_genfic
a celebration of narrative techniques and writing

So [ profile] multi_genfic is doing an awesome brief round of gen bingo. Its full of lots of different styles for writing to try and to play with. I fully suggest that anybody who enjoys this type of thing go do it. It encourages a small word counts, 500 being like the maximum (though nobody's going to jump on you if you go over.), so it won't take up all your time trying to get it done before the end of the month. Also you get a shiny banner if you make a bingo. :D

Also, this is just a warning that (if things go as planned) I might be spamming you with short little drabbles  from different fandoms of what may seem like randomness until its over. (I'll try to organize things, but no promises. but there will be cuts, so your safe that way.)

Prompts are always welcome too. They need to be GEN prompts because that's what the comm is all about but prompts are definitely welcome. If your in the mood. And I'll just see if I can work them in with bingo card I got. :D
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An instant gratification comment ficathon
[click on the picture]

Go prompt, write, and just have fun!
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+ I'm SOOOOO tired and literally everything hurts. I love my sister but I'm pretty sure Bridal Showers aren't supposed to do this to people.

+Also, I posted a meme Friday everyone should go do it here. GIVE ME ALL THE FANDOMS!!!!

+Lastly, [ profile] fluffyfrolicker is hosting an awesome ficathon for women. Go prompt all the things. GO. RIGHT NOW.

A multi fandom women comment ficathon (#3)
(click on the picture)
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[ profile] ishi_chan is having an Impromptu Ficathon

Everyone go participate and prompt things. All fandoms, pairings, characters accepted.

Go now.

(Seriously, please. Writing things makes me happy and I could totally use the distraction right now. Also, who doesn't love a good ficathon?

Really are there people who don't?)
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Dear Not Prime Time Writer,

First, thank you so much for writing this for me. I am so happy and so looking forward to reading it. I hope that you have lots of fun writing it and enjoy yourself as much as I will once I get a chance to read it.

This is my first exchange of this type, so if I confuse you in any way, please feel free to contact the mods and ask me as many questions as possible through. Below I have story suggestions, random ideas, and favorite characters listed, but please take this wherever the wind leads you. It’s your story and I’m happy just to be getting it, that your writing about it for me.

Things I Like )

Things I don't like )

Fandoms )

Thank you again! I’m already excited to read your story and I can’t wait for it. Again, I hope that I gave you an idea of what I like/am interested in, but don’t feel obligated to do something I might have suggested. These are just ideas.
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This post is half pimpage and half a reminder to myself about the things I’ve signed up for and want/need to finish. Because, yeah, I sign up for a lot of things.

I have no self-control, it’s a problem.

+Het-Big Bang: Okay, this one I totally missed the deadline for already. It’s gone and past and everything was just posted a few days ago. But I’m determined to finish this story anyways, just to prove to myself that even if I can’t finish a big bang, I can still finish the story. And also, I really like the idea for the story.

It’s an AU Caroline/Klaus story set after 3x21. Klaus may not really be dead, but he’s haunting Caroline anyways, and he won’t stop until she wakes him up. It’s a story I’ve really wanted to write for a while now, because I love exploring the fucked up sides of Klaroline and I have a thing about dream manipulation and this story is full of it. I have a little over 17k and I’m so close to finishing, I just need to do it.

+[ profile] cwbigbang: This one I highly encourage everyone to go sign up for, because I’m a co-mod and I said so. (Also our sign-up pages are kind of sad). It’s all shows on the CW new and old and a good amount of one’s associated with the CW due to the WB.

I’m still figuring out for sure what I want to write for this one, but I recently started an Amesia!Chloe fic for SV, an exploration of a plotline I read once that could have been but wasn't (but would have been amazing and full of Chlex-y goodness or at least that's how it is in my head) and I’m super excited about it (and for getting my Chloe muse back), so I’m thinking I'll be trying for this one.

+[ profile] rare_bb: Rare pairings, rare fandoms, rare crossovers; if it’s rare, it’s included. And I’m a sucker for a rare anything.

This is my human!Caroline escaping Mystic Falls and dealing with the fallout by not really dealing with it at all (denial and Caroline are very close friends) but when she stumbles upon Alaric on campus, it changes everything story. I have over 11k in notes and snippets and if I can just form it into an actual story with a plot, I’ll be super happy. Also, I’ve wanted to write Caroline/Alaric for like ever, for reasons I can’t even explain to you.

+[ profile] royaltystory: Pretty self-explanatory, royalty just has to play a part in the story, whether it’s in the past, the present, the future, or off in some galaxy far far away.

Mine is based around the line Klaus said in “Dangerous Liaisons” that the bracelet he gave to Caroline once belonged to a princess. In this story, that princess was her, going back and forth between Caroline of now and the Caroline of then, and it explains why Klaus fell so hard so fast for her.

+[ profile] genderswapbb: I asked the mod and it allows for the switching of already established male or female characters into the other’s role, and this is an idea I love, so I couldn’t stop myself.

I’m going with an AU version of Smallville, where Tess Luthor comes to Smallville to run the plant and hits Chloe with her car and how canon changes with these two very different characters taking over the lead roles. (Clark becomes her best friend with a tendency to stick his foot in his mouth, Lois becomes the infamous green archer though I don’t know if we’ll get that far, and Oliver becomes Clark’s reporter cousin. Most of the other characters are still being figure out). I’ve had this idea for a while, so I’m excited to have a reason to force myself to work on it.

So this has been a post, mostly for me as reminder, but also to encourage someone other than me to go sign up for things and make me feel better about myself. So yeah, this has been a selfish post of me wanting to suck you all down with me. I’m sorry. But also, I’m really not.

Go and check out some big bangs! (Especially the CW one....)
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Authors Sign-Ups // Artists Sign-ups // FAQs

(Go sign up now, I'm a co-mod and I get extra points for everyone I bring in. Okay, not really. But still, go sign up.)