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title: you wanted happiness (I can’t blame you for that)
fandom: tvd/dw fusion (light on dw canon)
characters: amara, tatia, katherine, elena (and lots of canon “companions”)
disclaimer: I own nothing, including pieces that were from canon/allude to canon.
summary: “You’re special, different. That must have a name.” He says and it’s with such childhood innocence. It’s familiar, it reminds her of before. “I’m a Petrova,” Elena tells him and he nods. As if it’s just that easy, as though he understands. Everything has a name after all.
a/n: written for the au prompt doppelgangers are timelords that got stuck in my head. and I blame [ profile] fluffyfrolicker and her ficathon for this. so should all of you.

Amara is the first. (She will also be the last but she will never learn that. Her face will, her body will, her memories will, but Amara will be gone.) )
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title: I am not here of my own choosing
fandom: the vampire diaries
characters: caroline, elena, rebekah (mentions of klaus throughout, shades of caroline/kalus)
rating: pg-13 (mentions of suicidal thoughts for Elena, brief and non-graphic, also canon death)
summary: they were all just girls in the end, who wanted what they could not have for the prompt: “the girl who does not know herself” for [ profile] fluffyfrolicker
's fairytale prompt-a-thon.

she's just a girl who lost her mom too young and loves blindly and recklessly )
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Title: Dust in the Wind
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Characters/Ship: Pre-Bonnie/Elena
Word Count: 339
Summary: A moment during the Apocalypse.

Read more... )
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Lately, TVD has actually been making me pretty happy and giving me things I want. Even if I might be reading against the text to get there. But its made me want other things too. Things I will likely never get, except for maybe in fic if I'm lucky. But I still want them anyways.

I will cause you nothing but misery )
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Title: Nobody Has to Stay
Author: [ profile] upupa_epops
Characters: Elena Gilbert, Bonnie Bennett, Damon Salvatore (some Elena/Damon)
Story Master Post: HERE
Story Summary: Things used to be much simpler before. The good guys were always stalwart and true, the bad guys were easily distinguished by their pointy horns or black hats (BtVS 2x07, Lie To Me). But now Elena is a vampire, and Bonnie just saved Klaus of all people. There are spells to break and problems to solve, urges to control and decisions to make. But, first of all, there are friendships to fix.
AN: Art for the wonderful Elena centric story by upupa_epops. It's incredibly well written and I love her take on Elena's transtion. Go read it now. And PLEASE READ IT BEFORE YOU VIEW THE ART. Some of the pieces include quotes from the story, and while vague, I don't want to spoil anyone. So again, please go read the story first. It's amazing.

Art Under Here )


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