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About Me.
Lindsey. 24. Fangirl. Dreamer. Writer. I rarely ship canon. Crossovers are often canon in my mind. CAPSLOCK IS MY FRIEND. I'm sometimes referred to as evil.
Chloe Sullivan owns my soul. I pretty much ship her with everyone, including people from other shows. As far as I'm concerned Tess Mercer is still around being the HBIC that she is. I'd marry Dean Winchester in a second. And I would make him dress up as a cowboy a lot. Caroline Forbes will always be my favorite character on that show. Katherine The West Wing is my new favorite thing ever. And possibly the only show where I literally love everyone. I have a tendecy to like side characters more than the main characters. I prefer AtS over BtVS, but I have a strong love for both. I can never find the pinnapple in the Psych episode, often because halfway through I forget to look for it. I love the whole cast but my favorite part of big bang theory is watching Sheldon and Penny interact. I still think Jackie should have ended up with Hyde (and in my mind they did. So did Blair and Dan). I can quote along with Finding Nemo and I will whether the people in the room like it or not. I love the characters that fandom doesn't and I ship the ships that will ultimately fail. And I spend long hours on fic that never gets finished because I'm easily distracted. And I love new friends.

All fic you might find on this journal is written for fun and not for profit and all characters belong to the original creators, I'm just playing with them.

Also, PLEASE and by please I mean DO NOT repost my stuff anywhere else. Links and recs are appriciated, but reposting is not. (this has been a recent problem, so I'm trying to make it clear here.
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