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Give me a fandom or two or three and I'll give you my top five (to seven) episodes from it.
Or scenes, depending on the show I might do scenes. Sometimes one scene can make a whole episode or a whole character.

*fandoms in my profile, though if we're friends we probably share a fandom, though I've recently rewatched BTVS, select AtS episodes, Haven, watched Revolution for the 1st time, and am currently watching Charmed.

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Both awesome choices. for now you get revolution scenes (and i'll have to look up pll episodes, so many to go through.) also these are all off the top of my head, after binge watching the show. I so need to rewatch it, even though, you know I just watched it and already have too many feelings.) also there should have been a nora moment but my mind blanked. and i'm currently angry with it.

7. Flashback to Miles and Monroe in the beginning. To Miles killing the two men despite Monroe’s appeals that he doesn’t, that they stopped it from happening and no one else had to die. But Miles fires the gun anyways. He kills the men anyways. For moral reasons. Because they had killed other people. It’s this wonderful reminder that these two men are not all that they seem to be, that they are not who they always were, that they are both monsters, just different kinds. And they will always be monsters, the both of them, and they will turn the people around them into monsters too. (“How is it that you’re better for her (Charlie) than I am?”)

6. Aaron throwing himself off a building in his dream to wake up, only to still be in the dream. Thinking he defeated the NaNo and was in the clear, the world going to hell, and him still being in the dream and never realizing it. The NaNo never having let him out. I just, its mind trippy, but it’s also so wonderfully fucked up. He did everything he was supposed to, he fought and he fought and fought some more, and he gave up everything he missed and wanted back, and in the end it didn’t matter, because the NaNo was always going to win. (It’s also an awesome twist if you watch spn and have seen the ep similar to this, because in that, dean died and it worked, in this it didn’t matter.)

5. Duncan giving her army of boys to Charlie. All that lead up to it, it’s really a mess of scenes really not just the one, but its Charlie who figures it all out and then gets rewarded or it. Finally gets something for being right, for figuring things out, for having turned herself into a weapon, a killer. She won something in return. But she doesn’t just see it as a win, because those men follow her orders now, take orders from her now, it makes her their General. She’s the new General Matheson in the family and this one will do right by her soldiers, she will go off to war with them. Because that’s who she is. (Why was there not more of Charlie and her mini army?)

4. Jeremy, Monroe’s General (question mark on rank), under suspicion for an attempt on Monroe’s life and telling off Monroe. Now I love Monroe, but every single thing that Jeremy said was true. He told him he would get to the top of the mountain he had been chasing, he would be there alone. And Monroe was. At the end of the Monroe republic, he was alone, turned into a wanted man, no one there to save him, no one there to want too. (It took Charlie of all people to give him a second chance at everything he wanted, even if neither of them realized it.)

3. Rachel, killing her friend and fellow scientist to insure her own survival and Danny’s. She sees it all slipping away and she stabs a screw driver in her old friend’s chest, she kills a good man who’s doing it for the same reasons she is, and she looks Bass in the face and tells him “Now you need me.” Because she had made sure of it. She had taken care of the problem. That was what Rachel did, she fixes the problem and she breaks the world in the process, but she fixes the problem for that one split second. For me that was Rachel’s defining moment for me.
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2. 1x20, season one finale. Charlie begging her mother to listen to her, to let them save Nora who had grown to mean so much to her. Charlie begging, pleading, reminding Rachel that she was still alive, that Charlie, her daughter, was alive and asking this of her. And Rachel doing it anyways, because she had to fix her own mistakes, because Danny’s death was more important, because of so many reasons. Give me all Rachel/Charlie mother daughter drama. Give me Charlie wanting a mother, wanting Rachel. Give me Charlie hating the mother she got. Give me Rachel hating herself for what she’s done. Give me Rachel hating not knowing how to be a mother anymore. Give me Rachel who sees herself in her daughter and it scares the hell out of her. Give me Rachel and Charlie both thinking their right and know better.

1. 2x02 I think, the scene Charlie and Monroe in the swimming pool tied up. It’s one of the first scenes I really saw and I absolutely fell in love with Charlie and maybe began to fall for the ship. But still, take all of that away, and you have to character trapped, Charlie hating Monroe, having just tried to kill him. But she’s trapped with him and yet unable to do anything to hurt him. But she still does. It doesn’t take a crossbow and it doesn’t take physical pain, she’s able to hurt Monroe more with her words, crafted and worded carefully to hurt him. And what’s more is that it works. He stares at her like she’s this new thing, because she dares tell him that “he’s nothing” and if he won’t put himself out of the misery that his life has become she “gladly will”. And she smiles when she says it. And he may laugh afterwards, try to get her back with a comment about her mother, but you can tell, that she’ll cut harder than he ever can every single time. And she does. In the face of it all. Charlie will and can always hurt Monroe more than he could ever hurt her. And I just, I have all the feelings about that scene. The two of them and their too blue eyes and their fake smiles and their only weapons being words and I’m in love. I would have watched a whole episode of the two of them in the pool waiting and taunting one another. and Charlie winning

(also that whole episode where Charlie’s going around a school killing people to protect Rachel and Aaron, an arrow to the throat nonchalant, and it’s beautiful.)

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2. ugh. I have nothing to say about this. Except that! For the Revolution fic challenge last month I wrote "Charlie always lived in the Republic" and it was 99% Charlie and Rachel battling over morality and what made a good world and how to make decisions / weigh the cost of their decisions. And I think you'd like it. Because there's this desperate dynamic to Charlie/Rachel and the series gave us only 10% of what these actors could have given us. It's a damn fucking shame tbh.

1. In the face of it all. Charlie will and can always hurt Monroe more than he could ever hurt her. My Charloe feels are 9999999% "Charlie is the one with the power" and anyone who writes them otherwise doesn't get it. I just... I feel this. I feel this so hard. This is the defining moment and the most important exploration of their dynamic. We should have been allowed more than this. But also? So much of their characters stems from the silent warrior aesthetic - especially when they are together? Monroe is so ~sassy and Charlie is so ~adamant and ~sassy and that's great - but so many of their scenes together are very quiet. Now this is 100% the writers fault for not giving them more interactions - but it also makes sense from a character/ship standpoint: so few words can make all the difference, she can cut him down with a perfectly timed sentence; why would they need to talk ever?

(90% of my personal Charlie feelings are also "if she's not aro idk what show you're watching" so every time I read a Charloe fic that's super smooshy and full of Charlie being in love! I lol so hard.)

totally NOT at the moment writing an epic novel-length Charloe that is just her hurting him through the centuries and not knowing or caring and him off in a corner getting drunk with Helen of Troy because WHY THE HELL NOT?!

(also that whole episode is stellar and honestly 10/10 Charlie Matheson is the correct character to stan in this universe has there ever been a character with so much MUCHNESS?) lol don't answer that
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7. YES AMEN TO THIS SCENE. Amen to someone that sees how dangerous Miles is? AMEN TO YOU FRIEND. Seriously I have such a problem with the series/fandom trying to make Monroe a monster and Miles an innocent? Miles' path is no more or less dirty than Monroe - to see them so often throughout time pulling and pushing each other over the edge is so poignant. But to see this: their FIRST moment, the moment the Republic is born, and it is Miles that steps over the edge and defines how they view the world and Monroe that follows. Monroe will always be self-serving and self-destructive, it is Miles that teaches him and their officers how to hurt other people.

6. Everything with the NANO + Aaron is my fave - but especially this episode. It was so well-executed.

5. She’s the new General Matheson in the family and this one will do right by her soldiers, she will go off to war with them. Because that’s who she is. (Why was there not more of Charlie and her mini army?) I WILL NEVER STOP CRYING ABOUT THIS. NEVER.

4. Jeremy is my favorite for reals and Jeremy+Charlie potential broship is second in my heart only to Duncan+Charlie potential broship

3. R A C H E L - yes I agree. This is always Rachel, always always. she fixes the problem and she breaks the world in the process, but she fixes the problem for that one split second = Rachel in a nutshell. The problem is never as big as the destruction she wrecks in order to fix it and NO ONE is ever safe from her desire to save herself and her children.

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You have to know I'd say Smallville. :)

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Veronica Mars?


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