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title: you wanted happiness (I can’t blame you for that)
fandom: tvd/dw fusion (light on dw canon)
characters: amara, tatia, katherine, elena (and lots of canon “companions”)
disclaimer: I own nothing, including pieces that were from canon/allude to canon.
summary: “You’re special, different. That must have a name.” He says and it’s with such childhood innocence. It’s familiar, it reminds her of before. “I’m a Petrova,” Elena tells him and he nods. As if it’s just that easy, as though he understands. Everything has a name after all.
a/n: written for the au prompt doppelgangers are timelords that got stuck in my head. and I blame [ profile] fluffyfrolicker and her ficathon for this. so should all of you.

Amara is the first. (She will also be the last but she will never learn that. Her face will, her body will, her memories will, but Amara will be gone.) )
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title: won’t look down (won’t open my eyes)
fandom: the vampire diaries
characters: caroline-centric and ensemble (slight/some caroline/enzo but not in a full on ship way…that’ll make more sense after you read it. I hope.)
disclaimer: I own nothing.
rating/warnings: R (for sex/illusions of sex), a tiny bit of bloodplay, minor character death, spoilers up to 6x10.
summary: she likes the bluntness and the sex and the alcohol and how it all reminds her of sophomore year in high school. before she knew that vampires existed. before she knew anything of the supernatural. when she had two living (estranged) parents, always there when she screwed up.
a/n: I don’t know what this is, just that it wanted to come out.

Caroline Forbes is everything a grieving daughter is supposed to be. She does not turn off her humanity, the switch stays on, and she does not contemplate otherwise. She goes through the human emotions made worse by her vampire nature and she never tries to stop it. )
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title: faithless you and selfish me
fandom: tvd
characters/parings: caroline/jeremy (it became a bit more caroline-centric than intended, but still plenty of these two, also mentions of past jeremy/bonnie, and caroline/bonnie, caroline/elana, caroline/alaric, caroline/stefan dynamics/friendships throughout, most of the ensemble mentioned)
rating: pg-13 (a couple of sexual scenes, but nothing too graphic, lots of drinking and some mild self-destructive behavior, and depression among the different characters.)
word count: 8887 words (because I ramble, god do I ramble)
summary: “Death is death, Jeremy.” Caroline says turning to stare at him in the eye, “And when people you love die, you feel it whether your veins are full of your blood or someone else’s. I would have thought you of all people would have understood that. All the people you have left, they’ve all died too.” (Post S5 and spoilers for bits and pieces of well spoilers I've heard for S6, though twisted and used in my own way, obviously because canon will probably never give us Caroline/Jeremy.)
a/n: written for the anything by song lyrics fic-a-thon, for the prompt: better of dead. It might of veered from what was originally wanted, but this was what came out. (also, just as a warning, this is entirely from Caroline’s perspective, so some things she may say about Damon might not be appreciated by fans, she doesn’t say a lot, but just in case, I’m warning you now. it’s nothing against the character, just how I see the character and her views.)

Caroline spends the first half of the summer trying to hold everyone else together. )
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Title: Swallow Me Whole
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Characters: Caroline centric, includes most of the ensemble.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: None of the characters belong to me and the quote I used belongs to Margaret Atwood.
Word Count: 1431
Summary: All stories are about wolves. Even the ones you don’t expect. (Spoilers up to season four)

Damon is the first to come into Caroline’s life. Sharp teeth and blue eyes that catch the light and hold her own like no one before him. )


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